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The fencing blades from UNIC (FOLO)

Unic is the fencing equipment manufacturer from Kharkiv, Ukraine.
The company even managed to maintain and improve production during Russia's war of aggression.

Handcrafted fencing blades have become increasingly expensive and unaffordable in recent years. For this reason, UNIC was founded in 2022 with a group of fencers and engineers. Formerly FOLO (2018)

Unic already had experience producing equipment for other brands. However, they saw potential for improvement, so they knew exactly what the fencer wanted.

For this reason, UNIC has decided to become self-employed and offer handmade, custom-made fencing blades at a reasonable price.

UNIC produces all kinds of blades.
These are certified to guarantee the highest level of security. UNIC also offers FIE-certified fencing blades for tournament fencers.

UNIC's motto:

Love fencing - be unique.

New factory since 2023

STM, a renowned company from Ukraine, like BF, has earned an excellent reputation in the world of fencing. Due to the war of aggression, production had to be temporarily stopped. However, now the brand is back full of energy!

STM is known for its premium products in the fencing world. Despite a temporary interruption due to external circumstances, the brand is now active again. Discover the impressive range of STM products as we recommit ourselves to the pursuit of quality and innovation.


VN, which come from Saint Petersburg, are excellent blades that I have personally used often. Introduced before the war in 2022, there are still some remaining stocks. However, due to sanctions, it is now extremely difficult to obtain these high quality blades. Importation is strictly prohibited and punished with severe penalties. The remaining stocks are therefore particularly sought after.

The VN blades from Saint Petersburg are characterized by their quality. Due to high demand and limited availability, existing remaining stocks are particularly popular.